Investor and Public Relations Background

IR-and-PRAbout a year and a half into working as the HR Manager for Ur-Energy, the uranium mining company, the Investor/Public Relations (IR/PR) position opened up and I asked to take on the responsibilities of that job.

My excellent communications and relationship building skills along with my many years of marketing experience as a GM at The Bon Marche/Macys and my technological savvy made for a perfect fit. As a result, I was promoted to Director of HR, IR/PR.

My primary IR/PR responsibilities were to communicate the company story to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders interested in the company’s stock and financial stability. I regularly spoke with shareholders, potential shareholders, and analysts on the phone and at investor’s conferences. I thoroughly enjoyed communicating and telling the company story.

I also regularly spoke with and developed relationships with community leaders in the communities surrounding our uranium mine. I became the face of the company and earned their support and respect when we needed it both during the permitting process and when we started recruiting and hiring employees to staff the new mine.

In addition, I built and managed the company website(s), managed the social media accounts, wrote and released press releases, designed and managed the corporate presentation, designed and wrote all of the marketing materials, developed and managed the investor database, and planned and worked the many investor’s conferences in Canada and the US.