Welcome to my professional website!

I developed this platform as an extension of my LinkedIn profile and resume, providing a more comprehensive view of my professional journey and academic history.

After college, I entered the retail industry, refining my expertise in people management and business operations. Over 14 years as a successful General Manager, I achieved significant milestones.

Shifting to Human Resources, I’ve capitalized on these foundational skills, excelling as an HR Professional and becoming a strategic partner for colleagues, management, and leadership.”

3/2018 – Present | As the HR Director for Seattle-based sister companies Merrill Gardens and Pillar Properties, I lead a team of seven exceptional HR professionals. Merrill Gardens, with over 4,000 team members across 65 communities in 20 states, consistently ranks in the top ten of Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces for Aging Services List.

Pillar Properties, with 80+ team members in various Washington state locations, has been recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as one of Washington’s Best Workplaces.

I’m proud of our HR team’s contributions to these prestigious workplace culture awards. Additionally, I received Pillar’s 2019 Quietly Awesome Award (Employee of the Year) for the Corporate Office. Both Merrill and Pillar are highly respected, privately owned providers of senior living and multi-family housing, and I’ve been honored to deliver strategic HR leadership since joining in March 2018.

11/2016 – 3/2018 | During my tenure as a Professional HR Consultant at Denver-based Employers Council, I gained extensive insights into the HR consulting industry.

Employers Council, the nation’s largest employer association for employment law, HR consulting, training, and surveys, provided me with diverse experiences. I worked on challenging HR projects across various sectors, including HR function development, management, HRIS implementation, compliance audits, recruiting, staffing, and consulting.

My portfolio of clients included a major Denver-based national airline, a global biotech company, a regional hospital, healthcare organizations, manufacturing and construction firms, engineering companies, and energy corporations. However, I eventually realized that my strengths and abilities were better suited for the corporate environment, leading me to pursue opportunities with Merrill Gardens and Pillar Properties after leaving Employers Council in 2018.

2/2017 – 8/2017 | In 2017, I briefly worked for SurveyGizmo, now Alchemer, a Boulder, CO-based startup SaaS company, serving as their Director of People and Culture.

Alchemer operates an enterprise-level data collection platform. My role involved developing, implementing, and managing a strategic, state-of-the-art HR function to support their transition from the startup stage to high growth.

While I was excited to be part of a tech startup, I ultimately decided to move on after just seven months.

2013 – 2018 | I started a blog and podcast called Hard Hat HR, which later transformed into my independent HR Consulting firm, H2HR Consulting Group. I offered top-notch HR support to several startup, small, and early-stage organizations in the Denver metro area. 

11/2008 – 6/2016 | In 2008, I took the significant step of transitioning from retail to join the Denver-based uranium mining startup, Ur-Energy, as their HR Manager. My career progressed quickly, and I became the Senior Director of HR, IR/PR, and Administration.

Ur-Energy, a publicly traded, high-tech ISR uranium mining company, benefited from the HR function I established and developed, contributing significantly to its status as the world’s lowest-cost uranium producer.

However, as is common in the resource extraction sector, the uranium mining and nuclear power industries faced a severe economic downturn, leading to company restructuring and downsizing. I was part of the third Reduction in Force in 2016.

7/1986 – 11/2008 | Immediately after college, I began working for the Fortune 100 company Allied/Federated Department Stores, specifically The Bon Marché, starting as a Manager Trainee. My career advanced to the position of General Manager, where I effectively oversaw the operations of two branch stores. Under my leadership, both stores earned the prestigious “Store of the Year” award, and I was recognized as one of the company’s top managers/leaders. This was accomplished by assembling and nurturing a team of driven, high-performing employees and managers, aligning them with the company’s goals, and surpassing ambitious financial and business targets.

In 2008, following the transition to the Macy’s brand, I transitioned from Retail Store Management to Human Resources, seizing an exciting opportunity to contribute to the foundational development of startup Ur-Energy as their HR Manager.

I am a proud alumnus of Montana State University – Bozeman (Go Bobcats!), holding a B.Sc. in Business Management. My involvement in the Business Management Club was significant; I ascended from Vice President in my junior year to President in my senior year.

As a freshman, I was a student-athlete, participating in Division I NCAA football. However, I chose to retire at the start of my sophomore year due to persistent injuries.

To contribute to my tuition fees, I worked at Stromboli’s Pizza, where I was involved in pizza delivery and preparation throughout the academic year. Additionally, I spent the summer between my sophomore and junior years employed at the Rising Sun Campground in Glacier National Park.

And so, my friends, that is a brief overview of what I consider to be an enjoyable, fulfilling, and intriguing career journey.

Page updated 06/15/2024