Well Hello There, Thank You for Visiting!

Welcome to my professional personal website.  Below, I share a little bit about my career experience and accomplishments.

Currently, I’m the HR Director for sister companies, Merrill Gardens and Pillar Properties, in Seattle, WA. I’m having the time of my life where my team and I have the honor of delivering strategic Human Resources leadership to our rapidly growing workforce of over 2000 Team Members located throughout our portfolio of properties in Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

I did a brief stint with a start-up software company, SurveyGizmo, in Boulder, CO as their Director of People and Culture. I was hired to develop, implement, and manage a state-of-the-art HR function to coincide and support their planned transition from  the start-up phase to the growth stage. They weren’t fully ready or prepared for the high level  strategic HR I was hired to deliver so we amicably parted ways after seven months.

In 2013 I started a side gig and launched Hard Hat HR which evolved into an independent HR Consulting firm, H2HR Consulting Group. Here I provided high quality and cost effective HR support for a number of start-up, small, and early stage organizations in the Denver metro area. H2HR Consulting Group is currently dormant but I continue to blog and podcast intermittently on HR topics at hardhathr.com.

I was able to really learn about effective consulting during my time with Employers Council in Denver, CO as an HR Consultant.  I  assisted clients in many different industries with some pretty unique and interesting HR projects or long-term assignments in the areas of HR function development, HR management, HRIS development, compliance audits, recruiting, staffing, consulting, etc. I had a fantastic portfolio of wonderful clients that included a major airline, a global biotech company, several health care organizations, manufacturing & construction companies, engineering firms, and energy companies.

In 2008 I completely changed careers and joined Ur-Energy, a publicly traded high-tech uranium mining company, as their HR Manager and worked my way up to became the Sr. Director of HR, IR/PR, and Administration.  My mission was to build and manage the first ever HR function which I successfully accomplished.  Sadly, the uranium mining and nuclear industries experienced (and continue to do so) a serious economic downturn and I was let go in a large company wide Reduction in Force in 2016.

I started my career in the retail industry with a Fortune 100 department store chain where I advanced through the ranks of store management, human resources, and operations. My career progression ultimately lead to the role of General Manager where I successfully managed the operations of two branch stores. I lead both stores to the coveted “Store of the Year” award and was formally recognized as one of the top leaders in the company. I achieved this by building and developing a team of ~100 employees and managers, aligning them with the objectives of the company, and exceeding stretch financial and business goals.

And that, my friends, is a quick summary of what I consider a fun, rewarding, and interesting career path.