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Organizations are only as good as their workforce allows them to be.
Ultimately, every organization succeeds or fails because of its people.



I left retail in 2008 for a new and exciting opportunity with Ur-Energy, a junior uranium mining company based in Colorado. I had the opportunity to advance my professional career in the aspects I enjoyed most while being a GM, HR Management. I started off as the HR Manager tasked with establishing and implementing the HR function of the company. The company was only a couple years old and was expecting to grow rapidly into a large company as the uranium industry boomed. I built the HR function from the ground up and established HR strategies, services, and programs to support the existing workforce and the anticipated expansion of the workforce as we grew.

I was promoted twice during my time with Ur-Energy in recognition of my excellent contributions and performance. First to Director, HR and IR/PR then to Senior Director, HR, IR/PR, and Administration. I took on additional responsibilities for the company as the economic conditions in the uranium mining industry started to weaken and started to turn into a bust in 2011.

I very much enjoyed my HR responsibilities at the company and am proud to say the HR department was a key contributor to the biggest success of the company, becoming the lowest cost uranium producer in the world. That successful milestone was only achieved by having a high-performing workforce, something I was responsible for building.

Although we achieved the success of being the lowest cost uranium producer in the world, the market continued to weaken to the point where the company went through a series of RIFs and I was let go in the most recent and largest one.

In 2013, I launched the Hard Hat HR blog and later added podcasting to the mix.  Hard Hat HR

I soon joined Employer’s Council in Denver as an HR Consultant and enjoyed my time there as I was able to assist clients in numerous diverse industries with unique HR projects or long-term assignments in the areas of HR function development, HR management, HRIS development, compliance audits, recruiting, staffing, consulting, etc. Clients included a major airline, a global biotech company, health care organizations, manufacturing & construction companies, engineering firms, and energy companies. During this time I launched


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